Marc Alba

Senior Vice President.
Head of Disruption. NTT, Inc.

  • 10:00, Thursday 12th
  • Lisbon, Portugal

Marc Alba is a leading expert in disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, exponential technologies and digital transformation. Currently Head of NTT Disruption, a new business area of NTT, focus in creating disruptive solutions and assets for NTT companies and clients. NTT Disruption’s main goal is create today what really matters for tomorrow, and to make it happened, Marc guides NTT Disruption to relentlessly hack business in the main fields of disruption with true exponential technologies.

Throughout the past 20 years, he has served in diverse positions (researcher, entrepreneur, chief innovation officer, transformation director, founder of non-profit movements, and advisor of a large and varied set of both private and public organizations) that in combination provide him with a holistic perspective of the key socioeconomic challenges that businesses and societies are facing worldwide. He has carried out his activities in multiple sectors, including automotive, telecom, industry, banking, insurance, government, energy, and non-government/non-profit organizations. He is the (co)author of 5 books and more than 100 publications, and defines himself as a “disruptionholic workaholic citizen of the world”.

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